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Over defined assembly when trying to connect a body to a mated body

Question asked by Kendrick Sims on Jan 8, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2021 by Kendrick Sims

I am a newbie to SW and I have a issue with mates in an assembly. I am trying to build a desktop CNC using parts and sub-assemblies. I seem to have figured out how to mate pates and align things in the assembly, however, once I try to mate the X-Gantry-Plate<1>(Left) to the X-Gantry with a  concentric (Conentric8) mate between SW complains saying that my assembly is over defined (and places warnings over 7 other mates). If I delete or suppress a Cincentric4 mate then the assembly becomes fully defined again. I really need some help as it is preventing me from moving forward with my build