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Minimum radius of curvature vs. Thicken/Shell/Offset

Question asked by Daniel Sevier on Jan 6, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2021 by Jason Edelman

I have some confusion over the relationship between the Minimum radius of curvature vs. the potential values for thicken, shell, and offset.  My understanding is that if the thicken distance is greater than the minimum radius of curvature, the thicken will fail.


I've attached a simple model of a pan with 10 mm corner fillets. It would be great if some could explain to me this relationship in simple terms.  When I checked, it did say the minimum radius was 10 mm.  The current shell has a thickness of1 mm.  When I tried a thickness over 10 mm, it failed.  I guess my main confusion is why this is called a "Minimum Radius of Curvature," and not a "MAXIMUM radius of curvature."  Any help is much appreciated!  Thanks!



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