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Cut Tube into Serctions to compose 90 degree bend [SOLVED]

Discussion created by Alex M. on Jan 6, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2021 by Kevin Chandler

Hi im trying to figure out how to cut tube into sections that can be welded together to form 90 degree bend alternative.
Basically whats shown below is final goal, this can be bent elbow but i want to make it assemble from small sections.


So problems im fascinating, if i make  10 pcs of 9 degree  cross sections it should be resemble to total 90 degree. 

Q1:  whats the easiest way to do part like that? Way im making it now is just cuts.
Q2: how can i mate those small sections? i dint think i can figure out how to mate those to assemble full elbow




Here is how i made section but its just a plain cutting of the tube so im not 100% sure if cut like that will maintain bend radius, though logically if its top view it should be ok....  note i added 1/4" strip to allow enough beef for welding.


So im getting part like this



So at the end im getting something like this but as we can see on the bottom sections do not align well  
Could be matting problem.


Any recommendation how to make mating or part  to be perfect like bend in beginning of this post? (note section will be laser cut on 3 axis laser so there will be slight angle on edge itself)