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Need to machine a tab

Question asked by Justin Camp on Jan 5, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2021 by Craig Serkanic

I am new to solidworks cam, though I have some experience with other CAM such as Fusion. I am struggling with the machinable features. They never seem to quite be what I need. Here is a copper part that has a "tab" on the end of the piece. It will hang off the edge of the vise and be machined. The closest operation I have been able to get to work includes a perimeter sweep of the part, which obviously wont work if its in the vise. My question is, how do I get solidworks to recognize this feature or how do I set up a milling operation that will just cut the end and not the perimeter? Thank you. 


Also, insight on how to get it to recognize the rounded channel would be appreciated. I will be using a ball mill to cut the slot.