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Solidworks 2020 SP2.0 crash at every file close

Question asked by Corneliu Golban on Jan 6, 2021

Hello all,


Is there anybody with the crush problem when closing the files?

It doesn't matter that it is a part or an assembly, ALWAYS when I hit the "X" button for closing the file, SW crush.

The interesting part is that if I close the file with Ctrl+W, it never crush!

I mention that, I reinstalled windows and make a clean reinstall of SW and having the same issue!

Also tryed to change video driver with older one and had the same issue.


I attached picture with System information

Video card:Nvidia Quadro M4000 driver version:460.89 Release date 12/15/2020


Any idea somebody?

SW 2020 SP 2.0


Thank you!


Best regards,


Victor Claudiu Badea