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Tapering a Profile Section

Discussion created by Bora Doker on Jan 5, 2021
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Hello All,


I have been trying to find a simpler solution to making a profile and taper the section with a specific distance in between.

Couldn't find any similar topic on this in the forums, if any please share..


Better to describe my problem in the attached pdf document that I indicated step by step what I do in AutoCAD.


As you see the section is a non-symmetrical section in longitude direction (one groove in left and arc ending on right)


Is there any simple solution to make a process that SW understands such as offsetting a drawing like 100 mm and also positioning specific cutlines that I can modify later on and moving the cut section on the right to the left (keeping left section in place, ignore the description in drawing as it is different) and union the inner contours and maybe loft later on?


Maybe it's the harder way what I described in above, and maybe a way to make it with some commands in SW.


I can share the drawing as well but it can be described with a simpler slot alike shape and taper it from its straight side edges to make some solutions.


Thanks in advance for your support.

Kind regards,