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SW2021 SP1 - Changing Drawing reference replaces the component in the assembly

Discussion created by Anthony Kanov on Jan 4, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2021 by Anthony Kanov

To me this is a serious problem. If any of you is using my workflow this leads to serious damage to the assembly that contains the components in question.

We migrated to SW 2021 SP1 based on earlier thread here that was mostly positive regarding 2021 and no major problems were reported.

I was able to reproduce the issue on three computers one of them with fresh SW install. Our VAR also was able to reproduce it however so far -  no word about solution.

Here is my workflow using the attached assembly and two parts as an example:

1. Open the assembly

2. From menu: File->Open-> and select the drawing for Part1 then click on References... and select Part2 and then ->Open

this will open the existing drawing but it will reference Part 2. Save it as Part2.SLDDRW and close. (This is a pretty standard way for me to reuse existing drawings.)

3. Rebuild (Ctrl+Q) the assembly and look at the design tree- SW is confused regarding Part1.

4. If you save, close and reopen the assembly you will see that Part1 has been replaced by Part2.



Have you experienced the above problem and do you know of a solution?