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Edrawings opening issue for particular version

Question asked by Baburam Seshayee on Jan 4, 2021

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We have Purchasing team where they would only view .Exe drawings file created in different time by Solidworks and Catia Publisher. We are able to open all version of .Exe files in the machine where CAD is installed( in which Solidworks Edrawing Publisher is installed), version of edrawing’s , from the oldest ( 2011 SP0) to the newest ( 2021 sp01).


Unfortunately, Our Purchasing clients where no CAD software is installed, are not able to open the particular version 2011SP4 (they are able to open older version, and newer one) We found a workaround to convert this version into a newer one, using a license of Edrawing Pro, but cannot be a production solution, since we have thousands of files... Can you help us ? thanks