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Cause: an attempt was made to move a file to another location

Question asked by Soroo Park on Jan 4, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2021 by Christian Chu


I want to move a file from one folder to another in the PDM VAULT.

However, the warning stopped the move of the file to another folder by Move Tree.

The file is in the editing state.
All permissions by groups, folders, and states can allow to move files. Therefore, it seems that this is not a permissions issue.

What other causes can I think of to receive this warning?


Update: the files have moved when we used a system admin permission. However, there was no difference between the system admin and other users to move files. So I am wondering, what permission was exactly let the system admin could move files, but not by others under the same environment.


The file is not a CAD file. It is MS Word file and was created from a template.


We checked it with our VAR, and all settings were correct.