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PDM Notifications, who got the email? Why not other users in the To: list?

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Dec 30, 2020

We have notifications sent to SMTP.  They're working well enough, most of time, but I'd like some traceability.  There seems to be no tracking on transition emails that are dynamic selection.  Meaning, did message system or SMTP fail or did the user just fail to add recipients?  I tried looking in database, but the organization of the tables dealing with notifications is over my head.  Are there suggestions for looking up history of recipients and notes?


Along the same line, is there an option to show all the recipients of the notification in the To: list?  Even that would be helpful when viewing the notification in email client so the user could quickly see who all received the notification email the best part IMO they could ReAll to have a conversation about it with those involved.