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Don Cheke's Design Talks

Question asked by Don Cheke on Dec 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2021 by Don Cheke

Not sure if you are interested, but I have started a new video series to present products I have designed or ones I have encountered that I have found to be impressive or ingenious. Although not necessarily CAD specific, I did use SolidWorks for the first two. If you are like me, you can appreciate the engineering that goes on the world over by the countless unsung hero's of the engineering world. I received an email this morning from someone who had just viewed the second instalment. One of his comments rings so true, "I suppose it is a fact of Engineering, as a whole, that the very best designs work seamlessly and are taken for granted and rarely appreciated."


1. Notchbox - Design Talk Notchbox DBC - YouTube 


2. Torque Master / Torque Rod - Design Talk Torque Master Torque Rod DBC - YouTube 


I am not looking for criticism, but if you like them, I'd be happy to hear that or if you have any ideas for new topics on ingenious engineering parts or products you have encountered, let me know. If I can model it and understand it and find it inspirational, I might just put together a new design talk about it. I have a couple more ideas at this point and will be starting the next one today.


Although not SolidWorks specific, the last TurboCAD tip I produced turned out to be the spark for the new Design Talk series. Although I tried to gear the tip towards TurboCAD, it is much more about my experience as a product design engineer and my years in the manufacturing industry. See: TurboCAD Tip 35 - TurboCAD Mechanical Design Considerations DBC - YouTube