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Is a post processer needed for DXF files to Sigmanest or Pronest?

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Dec 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2021 by Matt Juric

   In the past our plasma cut parts had been very clean with nice clean cut holes and edges using dxf files straight out of SW and nested using Pronest.  After an "upgrade" to the Plasma controller and a change in operators we are seeing excessive kerf and assembly is having to ream a large number of holes. The old operator who is now running the nesting program blames the new operator for trying to run too fast.

   We have now taken over all design work for a sister company and yesterday were informed that the parts cut there using our dxf files are not cutting clean like the ones that were done before we started doing the designing. The sister company uses Sigmanest for their nesting and the operator up there asked if we were using True Hole Technology. He also indicated that before the program was asking him for amperage settings and now it is not.

   Does someone here have insight into what we need to be doing to get our holes back to being good?


Thank you