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Equations in title block?

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Dec 29, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2020 by Barbara Jerin

Hey guys,


Is it possible to use a similar equation in the drawing's title block as we can in BOMs?


For example:

I have two custom properties:

NameENG and NameENGMat

I would like to do the following:

If NameENG is empty I would like to show NameENGMat in the title block, but if the NameENG is not empty, I would like to show NameENG.


The reason for this is that

NameENGMat holds the info of the material's shape, for example, Sheet Metal, Round Tube, etc.


the NameENG holds the information of the part's purpose, for example, Axis, Shaft, Holder


To some parts, I give specific names but to others (not important ones) I just name by the shape of the material.

But in both cases, I need to make a drawing of the part and I want its name to show in the drawing title block.


Currently, we are using only one CP for this. We have templates for different "shapes" of parts and we have the name already saved in the template. In case I give the part a special name, I need to delete the value of the CP and add a new one. But this way I lose the information about the shape of the material, which is not good for the manufacturers.


Any ideas?


btw. we don't use weldments or cutlists