Matt Toomey

Weld Callout Tail Notes

Discussion created by Matt Toomey on Dec 28, 2020

Hello there,


It seems that this has been the case since forever, but I can't seem to find anyone talking about it anywhere on the internet. I figured I would create a discussion to see if we could get something done about it.


When I create a weld symbol, I add a weld procedure specification (WPS) number to the tail. A lot of welds could use some other notes, and the tail seems like an excellent place to add them. However, that text is left-justified by default, and I don't think there's any way to change that.


Has anyone found a way to change the justification of text in the tail of a weld symbol? Is there an SPR regarding this?


We can of course add spaces to move the text relative to its justification, but let's face it: nobody has time for that.


While we're in the neighborhood, I'd like to also bring up the issue that the tail does not change to accommodate more than two lines of text. I've had four different WPS numbers in a tail before, and they just stack up next to the two little lines.


Any thoughts or direction would be appreciated.