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Quick return mechanism analysis - contacts

Discussion created by Jacek Michalski on Dec 26, 2020
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I am trying to perform a stress analysis of a quick return mechanism used in shaper machines. Here's a picture of the model:

So far I assumed that the bottom side of these blue parts, back side of the orange wheel and back side of the gray guide are fully fixed. I also applied roller/sliding constraint on the back of the orange slider. Its right end (tool tip) is subjected to external force.

I have some problems with contacts in this analysis. Contact sets are defined for all parts (detected automatically) but I'm not sure which type of contact should be used in each case. Bonded contact for all pairs is not realistic and it seems that all pairs should use no penetration contact (since that's a mechanism and its parts should move within assembly). Of course I also have to eliminate all rigid body motions since it's a static analysis. However, with all pairs using no penetration contact I can't get this model to converge.


Which type of contact should I use to get realistic results but also avoid problems with convergence? What about the friction - is it necessary? Do I need any additional boundary conditions?


Thanks in advance for your help.