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Reinstalling Solidworks

Question asked by Derek Bishop on Jun 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2009 by Randy Ooms
Well spent most of this day reinstalling SolidWorks. I've found that after a while the system tends to get corrupted for whatever reason and becomes highly unstable. A complate reinstall of the software seems to have got rid of the problems. I'm thinking of makng it routine maintenance. Every few months do a complete reinstall. Maybe this should be added in the SW RX maintenance program. Seems ridiculous doesn't it.

I had done a couple of tweeks suggested for improving performance which may not have helped. I changed the annoying drawing compare thingy extension to .txt and deleted a registry file to offset problems with 2008. Will be interesting to see if others have similar issues. Interesting that the drawing compare came back even after changing the extension.