How insert assemblies into Toolbox?

Discussion created by Guest on Mar 17, 2006
We are currently moving a series of COTS parts models into Toolbox. We have a number of electrical connectors which we have created assemblies for (the two connectors mated together). I would like to add these to the Toolbox, but have thus far been unable to get the database to accept the assembly files.

I have tested adding the SW file info directly into SWBroswer.mdb and can get the assembly to appear in Toolbox, but when I try to drag it into an assembly, I get the message "Unable to open part file "..." to setup existing configurations in database"

This is likely from the fact that I do not know what suffix to add to the filename data in the PartNumberID field, so that the data is in agreement with the rest of the database, and possibly the assembly file's internal ID.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or insight?