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Library Features: custom Hole-Wizard like feature that works with 3D sketches

Discussion created by Justinas Rubinovas on Dec 26, 2020
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I am trying to build a Library Feature that takes a 3D Sketch as an input, and creates instances of geometry modifying-features in the part on Points in that 3D Sketch, normal to the surface on which these Points lie. Basically, like a Hole Wizard feature with a 3D Sketch. But completely custom (unfortunately, Hole Wizard or even Advanced Hole are far too limited in their customization, this needs to be done with many different features).


It is my understanding that Hole Wizard works basically the same as a Sketch Driven Pattern.


Problem is, Library Features don't even allow Sketch Driven Pattern, which, to my knowledge, is the only feature that allows connecting an undefined number of sketch Points to the same number of other feature instances. I have been searching for a work-around for days, and I can't find anything. Library Features seem to be very limited, and accept only the most primitive features into their definition.


I'm a little out of my depth here. Can anyone help? How can I create a Library Feature that asks for a 3D Sketch when it is inserted into a part, and then creates instances of whatever geometry-modifying features are included into it on every Point in that 3D Sketch, normal to the surface on which these Points lie?


I know this can be done with a macro feature, but then it would require writing that macro for every new type of such feature, which is not scalable. I am looking for a solution that our clients could easily replicate themselves.