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Regarding Sketch Relations Visibility

Question asked by K. Nezumi on Dec 24, 2020
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I'm new to SW but not to CAD programs. I'm using SW2021.


I'm going through the manual I got with the program. While going through chapter 4 I noticed something slightly irritating: I am being instructed to turn off visibility for sketch relations. Which is ok-ish, since I usually work with fully defined sketches, the hide/show relationships makes editing relations easy. The irritation ensued when I realized that the relations are only hidden as long as I look at the sketch. As soon as I select an entity, for whatever purpose, the relations become visible. Which kind of makes the point of hiding them futile.


Is there a procedure to completely hide the relations until I specifically make them visible? As in, prevent LMB selection (with or without Ctrl held down) from revealing relations?


Thank you for your help.