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Simulation of hollow inflatable beam

Discussion created by Dion De Greef on Dec 24, 2020
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I am trying to model/simulate a hollow inflatable beam, which is air-tight and constraint by fibers (inextensible). So the main idea is to have a basic hollow cylinder with thins walls. This cylinder should be filled with air at a pressure of 100kPa. See attached file for the cylinder.


Now my question is how would I go about modelling this properly (I mainly just want to compare the force it can withstand with respect to a cylinder of the same size but for which the middle is not removed).
My first question would be on how to limit this cylinder from expanding beyond this shape since there is a fabric woven around it which is inextensible in radial direction.

Second how would I properly introduce the pressure inside the cylinder, can I just apply a pressure on both walls in radial direction which points towards the walls?


Thank you in advance for whoever can help me get further with this.