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    Repairing sketches converted from imported 3d files

    Michael Webster
      I get into a lot of situations where a customer supplies me with either a step or iges of a complex 3-D part (generally a thin part - think thermoforming or compression molding) - usually just a surface part, no thickness.

      To go through my process of designing components to mold or cut this part, I invariably have to extract either 2d or 3d sketches from these parts.

      Most times, I cannot simply select tangency or loop - there are simply too many minute variations and gaps around this geometry, so I essentially go around the edges converting to sketch geometry. Then I am stuck with spending the next couple hours going around this sketch and repairing gaps - some as small as .000005".

      Now, I've come to accept that any translated data is never going to come in perfect, short of it being a simple shape, but I would think there would be some tool I could use to streamline this process - a plugin perhaps? I'm thinking along the lines of being able to set a tolerance for converting edges of, say, .001" - any gaps smaller than that are merged/repaired automatically.

      I've tried increasing import tolerance to the max, but I think it will only increase to about .00039" - and it still doesn't seem to affect the resulting file in any way that would help my cause - I still end up with minute gaps that I have to repair manually.

      Does anyone know of any type of plugins or workarounds for these issues? I am self-taught, so maybe I'm missing something obvious, though I've done a fair bit of digging around these forums, SW and its help files, and anywhere else I can find.