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How do I "redo" in Drawings?

Question asked by K. Nezumi on Dec 23, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2020 by K. Nezumi

I am using 2021. I am a new user to SW but not to the concept of CAD drawing.


Today, my manual took me to the first drawing. Leaving aside a staggering number of issues that make little to no sense (I choose not to mention them here, on the off chance that, at a later point, I will find out more about them... as I said... off chance).


What brought me here however is a staggering issue, one I have never been confronted with... : it is not possible to redo actions in a drawing. Or, if it is possible, I haven't found a single post that mentions it. If there is a way to "undo" there should be a way to "redo". And even more confusing... the first time this issue was mentioned was.... 10 years ago... and yet, somehow the issue persists?


How do I "redo" in a drawing?


Thank you for your help.