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Unable to use a Wacom pen to modify a spline

Question asked by Peter Cohen on Dec 23, 2020

Hi, I made a curve using the Spline function. In the past, when I edited it using a mouse, I just moved the cursor to any of those * points, clicked on it to turn a * into a Point by SW. Then, I could modify the appearance of the curve by dragging the mouse while the cursor was still on top of the selected point.


However, when I used a Wacom pen to do the same thing, I could not do that. When I clicked on any of those * points, rather than allowing me to drag the point to modify the appearance of the curve, a new line or arc was created depending on how I moved the pen. I have tried many times but SW always behaves the same way whenever I use a Wacom pen.


Anyone knows what is wrong and how to fix this issue?