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When opening SolidWorks, cursor stuck loading and nothing is clickable

Question asked by Clayton Haight on Dec 22, 2020

Recently after a Windows update my .NET 3.5 got screwed up, because as soon as my computer boots up now I get a bunch of error messages from startup apps saying they can't open because they can't find .NET 3.5. This problem also affected SolidWorks because it was freezing after opening with a loading wheel beside the mouse (Seen below).

I tried launching it in both types of safe modes, reinstalling it and opening a Solidworks file before Solidworks was open. Nothing has worked yet. It might not be a .NET problem but I find it suspicious it broke at the same time, especially since Solidworks uses .NET. Any help would be appreciated.


SolidWorks 2020 SP5

HP Spectre 13" Laptop

i7 8565U CPU

Intel UHD 620 Graphics

16GB Memory