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Isues with circular pattern a cut revolve

Question asked by Nick Spiers on Dec 21, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2020 by Donald Sundberg


I'm new to SW (been using Inventor for years) I'm trying to create a circular pattern of a cut revolve as below:


It looks like I've done it but only by loads of fiddling about. 

The outer dia is not concentric to the inner - ie, the pads are thinner at ends:

So when I first created my cut revolve at one end and patterned it the pattern was of the effect of the cut revolve and not the extent of the cut revolve. You can see I made the cut higher and lower than the material I wanted to remove and the result of the cut revolve looks fine but when I pattern it the height of the cut is only as high as the first - make sense?



Any pointers would be appreciated - I feel I'm missing some small command in the circular pattern feature?

I can see the logic in the pattern being what the first feature is but the actual feature is higher than the resulting material removal.