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Reopen SMG files in Solidworks?

Question asked by Sue Partin on Dec 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2021 by John Burrill

Hi--I want to understand why Solidworks cannot open SMG (Composer) files even though it can export in this proprietary format. When I try to open an SMG file after generating one from a SW assembly, I get a message saying SMG is an unrecognized format.  What the heck?  


My reason for asking is that I'm trying to find a way to convert SMG files to 3D DWGs.  Our company's top-level assemblies are heavy on internal details, and not all Solidworks configurations are available to me. I do have several existing Composer versions (most showing just external features) at my disposal. I hoped to simply reopen these in Solidworks, save out as ACIS (.sat) files, and import those into DraftSight for easy conversion to 3D DWGs.


Does anyone know if there's a process or workaround?  Any thoughts, tips, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!