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Keybinds for sketch relations

Question asked by C. Stoian on Dec 21, 2020



Is it possible to assign shortcuts to geometric relations on a sketch. I am ware that the property manager allows the user to enter the relationships and while the property manager seems ok-ish, I do not appreciate that it constantly shows up. It reminds me of Word's assistant (the annoying paperclip) and while it is decidedly more useful, I would still like to avoid using it.


I have, for example created a one button keybind for a corner rectangle, so that I can just press one button on my G13 and I can just get the rectangle, without having to go through a shopping list of options that have no bearing on a sketch intentionally drawn under-defined.


I use a G13 game pad and a roccat tyon mouse to maximize the number of possible keybinds and I would love to know how to keybind relations.


Thank you for your help.


Found the answer: make horizontal (other) is different from horizontal (tools). (Added the info in case someone else might need it at some point.