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File handling in pdm, best practice

Question asked by Hansjörg Wolff on Dec 21, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2020 by Craig Schultz

Question for the group:


1. What is your folder structure in PDM?

      <vault> <customer> <order/project> <.....>


      <vault> <machine type> <.....>




2.How do you deal with the situation when the sales department sells a customer a machine that has already been designed in another project?

   Do you not create a folder/project for the second project in the PDM?

   Do you create a project and copy only the top assembly with a new designation?

   Do you copy all data assemblies, parts, drawings with new names into the repeat project?

   A great solution would be to insert the components as links, but this document advises against this. ->


3. Now it gets tricky, how do you manage the situation when a machine has already been sold to several different customers. And the first customer needs a change to a component that only affects his machine?