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SolidWorks Toolbox library and Smart Fasteners isnt identifying holes correctly.

Question asked by Dominic McGeoch on Dec 20, 2020

Most recently Smart Fasteners filled a Hole Wizard 16 mm diameter, BSI standard, hole type: hole, type: drill sizes, blind 0.01 m hole, with an M12 Hexagon socket head screw, rather than a bolt, despite the fact there's no counterbore or threads. The head filled up the hole and the shank was left just sitting in the air. I've also found I can't drag and drop fasteners from the design library into the holes either, it just says: "There is no matching size for this component". The same errors occur if the hole is 14.5, 14, or 12 mm as well, depite the fact there are M16, M14, and M12 hex bolts available to select manually. However, I am unable to change the fastener type to hex bolt in Smart Fasteners, it lets me select it from the menu and then does nothing, and if I try to insert them, and manually define the size, they wont mate with the model correctly. Concentric places them on the opposite side of the model to the hole, floating in empty space.


Another error has also been encountered while manually adding bolts to separate 8 mm holes in the same assembly. The error in attachment bolts2, "failed to get writable document" despite the fact that Toolbox/Hole Wizard is configured to always change read only status when writing, rather than error when writing to a read-only document, as seen in bolts3. Any help is greatly appreciated.