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Execute Template Example - PDM API

Question asked by Prasanna Kumaran R. on Dec 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2021 by Wayne Marshall

Hi SolidWorks PDM Enthusiasts


I have a query with respect to a PDM API which can be found in the link below.


2018 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Execute Template Example (VB.NET) 


The Code works perfectly. But requires a minor tweak for which I require some assistance.


The EXE executes all the templates which is configured inside the vault one after the other. (i.e) For example, If New Project Template is executed successfully, the Application pops up the Template Card of the next template lets say Feasibility Study and so on.


I'm looking for a minor change where only the mentioned Template, For Example: a template named "New Project" with certain Predefined Folder Structure should be executed and once after execution the application should exit.

The VB Project File is attached under attachment.

Can anyone look into the code and let me know where should I make the change so that the Application should execute only the mentioned template and not all the templates one after the other?

Any other queries, Kindly let me know. 




Prasanna Kumaran R