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PDM API SaveToCSV Config Issues

Question asked by Corey Meyer on Dec 17, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2020 by Corey Meyer

I'm trying to save a csv of a PDM BOM using the  SaveToCSV() method in C#.


I select the config using this code:

bomView = (IEdmBomView3)aFile.GetComputedBOM(ppoRetLayout.mbsLayoutName, 0, Config, asBuiltId + (int)EdmBomFlag.EdmBf_ShowSelected);

Let's say in this case the Config name is "Config1".


I then save this bomView to csv.


bomView.SaveToCSV("c:\\temp\\SavedBOM.csv", false);

As far as I can tell, this creates a BOM from the default config, not the "config1" config.


The only difference is the "config1" has a pattern of several of the assemblies.


Clicking the "Save CSV" from within the vault in windows explorer creates a CSV with the expected values.

The SaveToCSV() method creates a file with only one of the assembly.


Is this a bug in PDM? I would hope the CSV generated from the file browser interface would make one from a program API call, but this appears to not be the case.