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How to add deformation to imported tyres

Question asked by Sebastian Mulford on Dec 17, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2020 by Paul Salvador



I am struggling to edit an imported tyre (DrivAer) to have a realistic contact patch. I have split the tyre at the correct height to give the contact patch (picture below).The tyre with the contact patch so far

However, along the contact patch, I want the tyre grooves to be parallel to the floor (or contact patch) and at a constant height with the same geometry (ie curved at the edges) as it was before. So, essentially I can't work out how to make (or replicate) the tyre grooves from being a circular feature to a linear feature along the contact patch. This concept of uninterrupted grooves should be more obvious from the following picture, which has rectangular grooves, as for my case I currently have (a) and want the grooves to be uninterrupted like in (b).A tyre with interrupted and then uninterrupted grooves.

The grooves for this tyre can be more clearly seen in the following picture.The grooves of the tyre.

Is there a way to accomplish this?