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Why do the equations fail once I rename the assembly?

Question asked by Jake Irvin on Dec 15, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2020 by Jake Irvin

I have starter assembly with equations. When I use the starter to create new assemblies for a job, the equations seem to have a fit. They still do what they are supposed to do, but when I reopen the assembly fails. Hitting refresh corrects the failure.


When creating the new assembly file from the starter, I rename the assembly. There is a pop-up, I always chose yes.The pop-up


The assembly has no configurations (though the parts do).


I have been generic because I have more than one starter with the exact same issues. So it's not a problem with THIS starter. It is something in the way I'm setting up things.


Renamed file with failed equationsOriginal starter assembly with equations ok


Could it be a problem when using multiple versions in one assembly? Are equations in conflict somehow?


Two renamed failed (equations failed) assemblies in the same assembly.