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Baundry surface small radius

Discussion created by Jacob Mikkelsen on Dec 16, 2020
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Hi guys!
I get very small radius curvature at the spots where dir1 curves meet the dir2 curves. The curves ends are coincident and the curves are tangent.
I'm assuming it has something to do with the created surface being perpendicular to the dir1 curve, but parallel to the dir2 curve, which would make a quite extreme radius at the meeting point, when dir1 and dir2 is tangent. If this is the case, how do i change the surface association to the different dir curves, so i can achieve the continuous surface edge all around the part? If its not the case, then I'm happy to hear your input

Illustration 1 shows the fault by thickening the surface.
Illustration 2 shows it happens at the dir 1 and dir 2 curve meeting point 

llustration 1 
Illustration 2

The file has external references, which are included, but not relevant other than loading the part without errors.
The part is called "Cover"


Thanks for your help!