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Cleaning up a model for import into Comsol LiveLink for Solidworks

Question asked by Ward Galanis on Dec 15, 2020


I am an IT Professional trying to assist a Solidworks/Comsol user in my organization.  He wants to clean up Solidworks models for import to Comsol as the Comsol tools introduce large errors into his simulations.  Are there any Comsol users who can help?  I have contacted our SW VAR for possible training opportunities as this seems to be an SW training issue (to me at least) but it does not hurt to ask here.


Specifically, he has asked me the following:

To get started, I need expertise with LiveLink model transformation to COMSOL for optimal finite element hydrodynamic analysis.

Specifically, I need Solid Works tools to make my designs more convenient for meshing in COMSOL fluid dynamics.

The complete working drawing can be translated into COMSOL graphics, but the execution of such models is directly associated with problems.

Small details require a fine mesh, but a large number of nodes create large computer and algorithmic errors and can lead to unstable results during very long calculation times. We want to reduce to a certain level very small details, sharp corners, seams, edges. Perhaps we need to add additional fillets to the large list of edges (so as not to waste time doing them one at a time). It is also best not to use exact materials with solid deformation and consider the model as one very rigid part of one material with no edges between the parts. Any other options for smoothing the real model should also be considered.

Specifically, I need a list of SolidWorks tools that can do this, with detailed examples (tutorials) on how to use them.