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Renaming PDM projects in mass through SQL?

Question asked by Paul Sharp on Dec 14, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2020 by Francisco Guzman

My company has a situation where they need to rename thousands of folders in a vault.
In a test server - I have partial success already through stopping services, SQL statement, and clearing the local cache of the structure 


In SQL I opened the vault database -->  went to the PROJECTS table

Then essentially renamed both the corresponding PROJECTS and PATH contents



NAME: Customer123 

PATH: \Customer123\



NAME: 123Customer 

PATH: \123Customer\


All associated paths and files look perfect and open without error.

However I get this error when trying to add new files to the environment.


"SolidWorks PDM: Could not add documents! 

Cause: You don't have permissions to perform this action"