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user data configuration file management

Question asked by Roland Yan on Dec 14, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2020 by Roland Yan

Hi team,

The user data has been bothering me for a while. if someone could share some experiences, that will be a huge help.

Also wondering if there is online material talking about this. that will be good help too.


Basically, I'm trying to find how these files are managed on SWE and how the configuration files flow down to the design to control the behaviors.


This seems to be a big topic to discuss at this moment. might be a bit easier to start with a particular question. 

from the part library, the user data file could be configured from 'Classifications'. Means user could specify user data file by the classification/folder. But I didn't seem to find a similar feature from the cable library. Can we see that this feature is only for the part library?


sorry for these messy questions, any comments or sharing is appreciated.