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Recommended hand sketching apps

Question asked by Sandy Scott on Dec 14, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2020 by Sandy Scott

Do any of you guys & gals use hand sketching apps? Any recommendations?


Watching Shane on Stuff Made Here use Concepts has piqued my interest in the idea, I'd like to use it for conceptual work - ie. think by drawing, but keeping it digital means cleaning up the output for a presentation should be easier.


My only real requirements is that it must run on Windows, and play nicely with tablet peripherals (ie. the app doesn't require you to wrk on a touchsreen device). Nice-to haves would be some cross-platform support (in case I do get a tablet at some point) and something like the infinite canvas Concepts uses would be cool too. I did try Concepts on windows but it seems glitchy and I couldn't configure it to scroll using my pen tablet*.


Any good suggested apps?


*That could be something to do with my somewhat elderly (ie. out of support) tablet, but might also be a limitation of the app - all of the videos i've seen using fingers on a touchscreen for scrolling.