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How to save an assembly that is linked to the original file

Question asked by JinHee Kim on Dec 15, 2020

Below the "A" assembly is the "E" assembly.
Attempts to change the "E" assembly name to "F" and use it for the "B" assembly.
(Rename all parts of the "E" assembly as well.)
The "E" and "F" assemblies are used for other assemblies and should always maintain the same shape.
(If the parts of the "E" assembly are changed based on the "E" assembly, the parts of the "F" assembly should be modified as well.)
When you save a body with the Insert Into New Part feature in a part, if the original part changes, the part saved in the new part will also change shape.
Maybe the assembly also has this kind of functionality?
When I create a symmetric version of a subassembly in an assembly, please let me know if there is a way to link the same shape back and save it under a different name, just as it was linked to the original.
Thank you very much.