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Incorrect "discontinuous" errors for parametric Equation-Driven Curve

Question asked by David Trevas on Dec 15, 2020

I'm trying to draw an epicycloid using an Equation-Driven Curve and am frustrated by the bizarre behavior. For the parametrization I am using, the curve will be complete from 0 to 2*pi.


I can successfully build the start from 0 to 0.3. Then, as I choose the end parameter to be more, the behavior becomes inconsistent and I get errors saying the curve will be "discontinuous". If I put in "pi", that will give me have of the curve, but if I put in "2*pi", that fails. Also, if I put in "3.14", that fails.


This curve is inherently C0 continuous, but has higher-order discontinuities. The software does draw some of these inflection points well, but not others.


This feature of Solidworks seems very poorly-supported as the fields to enter the parametric equations have no intelligence like indicators for parenthesis-matching, autofill of functions or any ways to click on references instead of typing them in long-hand.