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Setting view rotation center with only sketch geometry

Question asked by Ben M. on Dec 14, 2020

Hi - I'm just learning SW - mostly curve/spline creation and surfacing, coming from Alias.


My "interface" issue that I cannot find any previously posted help with is that when I have only sketch entities (no surfaces or solids) in my iso viewport, I can't seem to set the view rotation (middle mouse button) to spin about the sketch entitiy I have picked with the middle mouse button. Or not reliably. The view seems to rotate wildly about whatever center it wants, making it impossible to turntable view, say, a 3D spline I've created.


This issue is only with lines, curves - sketch entities. If there's a surface or body to select, then the middle button "rotate about object" action works great. I don't get the magenta selection thing with sketch entities.


Plus, in 3D-sketch mode, the view center seems to be always the centroid of the sketch bounding box, which makes it even worse when working on a certain section.


Is this just the way it is with SW? In Alias, you pick anything and hit "look at" and the view would center, zoom, and rotate about the selection. Seems a basic thing for a CAD package to do...


Any help would be appreciated - thanks!