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Toolbox causes crashes?

Question asked by Dominic Greco on Dec 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2021 by Aspasia Papazi

Solidworks Professional 2018 SP5, PDM Standard, Windows 10 computer


OK, I posted this on the Assembly Forum and no one replied. Out of the blue last Wednesday every time I went to load a large assembly Solidworks would lock up and then end. No error message, no warning. This was not isolated to just one assembly. It was several larger ones. I contacted our IT guy and he ran through the usual suspects without finding a reason why was going on. I called our VAR and was on the phone with the tech for 2 hours. He wasn't able to locate a reason this was happening either. 


Fast forward to today and I haven't heard back from the VAR. I can't just sit on my hands. I have work to do! So I backed up all my data and together with the IT guy restored my computer to factory settings. I then reloaded Solidworks and the PDM Vault.


After 4 hours of reconfiguring this time the assembly loaded perfectly!! But I noticed that all my tool box hardware was wildly oversized. I mean it was triple or quadruple it's original size. So I figured that the Toolbox folder location was not set to the shared PDM vault location. I went in and changed it (System Options-->Hole Wizard / Toolbox--> Hole Wizard and Toolbox Folder:) and the next time I went to load the assembly it crashed just as before. So I started SW again and changed the Toolbox folder location back to it's default PDM Vault toolbox location C:\SOLIDWORKS Data\.

And guess what? It loaded PERFECTLY


At least now I can work with the assembly again


But now I can't use the shared tool box with it's "approved" descriptions.


Has anyone gone through this before? I used the Toolbox with the PDM Vault at my old job and never had a problem like this! I looked online and wasn't able to find a similar occurence. But then again I probably wasn't using the correct search words. I used "Solidworks 2018 Toolbox causes assembly to crash"


Is there some kind of fix that anyone is aware of for this issue?