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Analisys of the support points

Discussion created by Mateusz Naroznik on Dec 14, 2020
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I have a problem with some simulation of the body deformation. I want to check in which configuration of the four support points, the board will exhibit the smallest deformation, like with the Airy and Bessel points scenario. 


I have connected two types of body where support points have elastic modulus ~100 lower than the board. So with good approximation it's like board on the rubber cylinders, like a table with rubber cylindrical legs. I've performed simulation and i saw that these little rubber support instead of squeezing (which was the expected scenario for me) they digged into the board made of glass, they made a hole. So i don't know if i can trust these results, because by the displacement results it's looks like the rubbers under the gravity force and several kg (so ~10 to 100N force) made holes in the glass which will never happen in real world. Of course they should dig a little, little bit but not so much to make a hole. It's looks like everything goes down because of the force (expected result) but i thought that it lowered down because of cylider squeeze.


Deformed result.

Undeformed result.


I've performed static simulation with rigid support point as the bottom of the rubber. Generally I've seen some problem with this because of too large squeezing for bare cylinder under the gravity even if I marked 'large displacement', it's throw me out the errors. But here everything looks ok, beside these nonphysical effect which i'm afraid of. Some thoughts what's going on here?