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Need help on properly export this SW file into STEP (for Autocad 3D/Revit)!

Question asked by Kristof Papp on Dec 13, 2020



I need to get some Solidworks models into Revit.

To do this, i export Solidworks model into .STEP format-> import that in Autocad-> save it as 3d dwg ->import it in Revit.


It works flawless in some cases:

I downloaded this compressor model

STEP export perfect in autocad:

3D dwg in Revit:

But my problem is with this files like this :


in Solidworks : 

STEP export in autocad: Creates wrong inner geometry, like that text symbol extrusion in the middle.

3D dwg in Revit: Some faces are missing, and that wrong geometry is more visible


I'm not good in Solidworks, so i can't identify the problem.
But mostly i have problems with these Valve files with different sizes built in in the configurations manager tab.

Maybe its possible that this causes the wrong STEP export? 

Is there some way to save the valve's sldprt with 1 fixed size and no configuration? Maybe export would be better?

I have uploaded the valve's and compressor's solidworks files here: 


Thank you in advance!