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Trimming / Extending solid bodies in Weldment w/o using structural member?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 12, 2020
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Hi all,

I have a multi-body weldment where I sketched all the individual tubes and plates and extruded the profile shapes from planes - used these from the Toolbox / Structural Steel library, or just simple extruded the plate rectangles, hoping that in the end, if I converted the whole layout to Weldment, I would have the option of utilizing the Trim / Extend option under Weldments to connect all the pieces nicely.  This appears to not be the case.  I usually use the structural members for most stuff but this layout was a bit complicated so I just sketched a skeleton line and extruded my shapes.  Is it too late to now do some trimmingand extending at the intersection points?  I just worked off of centerline workpoints and extruded sketches figuring I could trim/extend later.  Perhaps there is a simple fix before I scrap this part?  Thanks in advance.  I'm on SW2015 still BTW.


PS I did use the structural member toolbox library but only the profiles, not the actual members from dropdown lists as I usually do.  I know this is not the correct approach for weldments but thought I'd try this different approach.