Aspasia Papazi

Clear custom properties tab when developing a new configuration

Discussion created by Aspasia Papazi on Dec 10, 2020

Hello there,


In our company we are using custom property tab to enter the custom variables of a model. 

In the case that we are creating a new configuration of a model before saving it first, we get an empty custom property tab that we can fill in accordingly for each configuration . 

If we are to create a new configuration on a model that has already been saved before, the new custom property tab will show the previously saved data. All the custom properties are configuration specific , so someone can easily enter the proper values. Nevertheless, when seeing a filled custom property tab, it is so easy to skip this step and end up having the wrong data left over on the new configuration. 


I cannot find a way to have an empty custom property tab when creating a new configuration , no matter if the model has been saved before or not.


Could someone help me out developing a macro to delete the previous entry when creating a new configuration please?


Thank you in advance for your help.