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    problems with blocks


      I am trying to move the creation of Elecrical and P&ID drawings into Solidworks. I have created the blocks (very simple ones) that we need but using blocks really slows my system, generates huge files, and moving the blocks for modification or editing is a real problem. In AutoCAD and VectorWorks I can GROUP lines together and move or copy them as that group - cleanly. The only thing I can find in SW is BLOCK. I have contacted our VAR about this (several times) but they have no alternative, to blocks, to suggest. I have kept my Feature Manager Blocks clean and up-to-date but that doesn't really solve the problem. The 'schematics' are very simple and a very small file size.

      I would build a long stack of blocks (squares with a number or symbol) to represent a terminal block. Trying to insert a new block in the middle can 'crash' the whole thing -block text sizes change, squares change size. In the 'schematic' it can be hard to move blocks - they get locked to some other part of the drawing and everything changes, moves or somehow gets screwed up. And then the file is so huge that any command seems to take forever.

      Does anyone have a suggestion on how to create simple symbols/groups for drawings in SW DRAWING that are quick and easy to move/use and take up little file space?

      If we can't do something better than SW blocks I'll have to go back to ACAD or Vectorworks- and I really don't want to. We are now creating our entire product assembly in SW and want these very simple drawing files to also be in SW but these problems are driving us away.

      Thanks for your time.

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          Charles Culp

          You sure shouldn't be having this many problems with blocks. I use them routinely for electrical schematics, and they absolutely do not slow my system down, nor cause crashes, or really cause me any heartburn except for their klunkyness sometimes.

          Do you have an example that you can upload to the forums for us to look at? Maybe a drawing with a few of your blocks in it? Make sure to save the .slddrw file, as well as any part/assy files (although not necessary for just blocks), into a .zip file so the forum will accept them.

          I'm pretty sure after taking a look we can resolve your issues.
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              Thanks I'll get to work on that.

              Of course I also have a 64 bit system that crashes constantly even tho we have had everything checked several times.

              The blocks have been problems on the other machines too tho.
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                  Here is a sample 'schematic" drawing. When I work on the term block on the left sometimes I can move a set of blocks and add another - othertmes the block stretches, the number changes font - other weird stuff.

                  In the body I can try to move a block/line and it is attached to something clear across the page so that when I expand out I see everything is misplace and messed up.

                  After working for awhile things just seem to move slower and slower and never stays in place or snaps cleanly.

                  I know there is a click that can snap to grid even with the grid off but I haven't found it so everything slips and slides.

                  I keep the BLOCK in the FEATURE MANAGER TREE clean to keep my file size down and the spped higher but tho it helps it is just not much.

                  This tiny drawing is 1.8megs.

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                We used Elecworks it's good and designed especially for Solidworks unlike autocad electrical.