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Macro insertion point coordinates location

Question asked by Justin Lanfell on Dec 8, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2020 by Justin Lanfell

I'm looking to find where the insertion point of a macro is stored. I've gone through the SQLite database of the macro and I can't find a record for it. I've also looked into the meta data on the .ewg file and can't find it either. There has to be a location where it stores the x,y coordinates of the insertion point somewhere.

I maintain nearly a couple thousand macros that I use with Excel Automation to generate my electrical projects and every time I create a macro with any kind of symbol or wire in it, the insertion point of that macro is in a different spot (I haven't determined exactly what drives the location of the insertion point, I'd love to know that too). 

I'd really like to add a command to my add-in that will set the insertion of every macro to 0,0 so that I don't have to open each macro after its created and set it manually. 

I'm using Solidworks Electrical 2020 SP4.


Macro insertion point