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Graphics Area Inception Glitch

Question asked by Jason Bardis on Dec 9, 2020

I've come across an odd graphics glitch that's happening with 2 of my setups.


When I click on the screen in the FeatureManager or Graphics Area, & that click does not make any pixels change in the Graphics Area (examples: click on empty space in the Graphics Area, click on an expand/collapse + or - in the FeatureManager), the Graphics Area flickers, makes a smaller copy of itself in its lower left area, & paints a black bar on the right of this new smaller copy.


Each repeated click that does not alter the Graphics Area makes 1 more smaller copy.


As soon as any action results in the Graphics Area changing, the graphics will correct.



This same exact behavior happens on 2 setups:


1. Dell Precision 5540

w/ NVIDIA Quadro T2000

SolidWorks 2015 SP5.0

HDMI cable

Dell U2415b monitor rotated 90 degrees.
2. Dell Precision 7510
NVIDIA Quadro M 1000M
SolidWorks 2017 SP5.0

the same HDMI cable

the same Dell U2415b monitor rotated 90 degrees.
All of my other programs behave correctly on this monitor.
Please help! It's weird!
Thank you,