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Separating Surface with Solid For viewing

Question asked by Le Dude on Dec 7, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2020 by Le Dude

Hi all.


Is there a best practice for you guys who have used SW for a while to be able to make sure that the ability to view for each of the parts is separated?  I'm having this issue with the wings that I've been working on and for some reason when I'm trying to view just the surface or just the ribs and I tried to hide either the surface of the ribs, they both disappeared.  Here's an example.  I'm going to hide the surface I circled in red below.



As you can see, as soon as I hide the views on the surface, the ribs also disappear. 


Is there a best practice or a way to do the separation so that I can choose the piece I want to hide and work on?  Please advise?